Upcycled shark crop top

I’ve always loved upcycling, even when I was younger and it was just ‘altering’ or making something unique. My mum is awesome at sewing, so perhaps it runs in the blood – I’ve always had a knack for fabric!

For this top, I had an old print t-shirt that had obviously got mixed in the wash with something blue, as the colour had run and it was all patchy. And a vest top that had dropped at the hem line and was getting a bit tatty.

I have a crop top obsession, so it was only natural for me to cut of the bottom half of the vest top and use it for rags and I 100% loved the shark picture on the other t-shirt!

Step 1: create the crop top, save the shark!

Then I had a thought, what would be better than plain white…tie-dye blue! So I set to work dying it with a blue classic spiral. The end result:

Step 2: tie-dye

Then I set to work tacking the hem (I don’t have a sewing machine here so I had to make do!), I probably would have been easier to fix the old hem and keep it full length…but that’s no fun!

IMAG2400 (2)
Step 3: hem it
Step 4: place the shark
Step 5: pin it in place
Step 6: sew it

And the final product:

IMAG2405 (2)


IMAG2409 (2).jpg

I will probably re-sew the hem when I get my hands on my sewing machine at my mums’ house, I am terrible at sewing so it will be neater and stronger!


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