Saving the trees

As a student paper is something I get through a lot of, but there are ways to minimise this!

Online submission

One difference I’ve noticed between college and university, is that my uni asks for 99% of assignmnet submissions online! This is great because you barely need to print anything saving your credits, as well as reducing the university’s need to buy tonnes of paper and ink.

I would imagine most big institutions are now with the times, in the world of technology, but if they are perhaps you should suggest it!


Whiteboards should be a student’s best friend! Making to-do lists, playing drunk pictionary, and especially revising! My university provides quite a few giant whiteboards across campus in student work areas and they are a life saver for group revision, and I own a small personal one for my room.


Mobile apps

These days there is an app for everything, and there is definitely apps for making pretty to-do lists, savvy shopping lists and I even have a wonderful app that puts all my expenditures in a nice, colourful pie chart so I can gaze over what I spent most of my money on each month! There are also lots of apps aimed at students that need to split money, perhaps if you’re sharing a house and end up paying for the toilet roll each month? This might be a good way to put an end to those passive-aggressive IOU post-it notes that may be left around the house?

Online banking and phone bills

Most banks have asked their customers to make the switch from paper to online statements, so if you haven’t just do it already! Personally it is much easier, I can check my statement daily with my app and transfer money from my savings account into my student account and no more mail reminding me how much I spend each month!

If you are one of those souls, like me, that pays for their own phone bill (even at uni, a surprising number of people are lucky enough to have their parents cough up the money each month!) again switch to online! I get a text through when my bill is ready to view, usually a few days before the money goes out (an excellent reminder that £30 will soon be disappearing, for a good reason) and again I imagine most networks will have a good app for checking your allowances and monthly cost.

Junk mail

There are a few schemes you can sign up to reduce the junk mail arriving at your house, including the Royal Mail’s door-to-door opt-out service which stops you recieving mail that is addressed to nobody, but as most students are transient the quickest way to stop recieving junk mail is to return it to the sender with unsolicited mail, please return to sender written on the envelope. They will likely have to pay for the return postage, and this should prompt them to take your name and address of the list to save everyone the hassle!



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