Happy Mother Earth Day to all!

This will be my first year of celebrating Mother Earth Day (thank you to my Suma calender, for highlighting the eco-holidays!) but sadly I will be at work. Although I do work in a local veggie/vegan wholefoods shop, and it’s all about the little wins in life, right?

But for those of you that are free this weekend here are some ideas I have rounded up so you can share your love to Mother Earth and all that inhabit her.


  • Why not see if there are any local events near you celebrating Earth Day?
  • Join an environmental group, such as group gardening, protesting or litter picking!
  • Do you have any local, organic cafés or restaurants where you live? Why not go for a tasty lunch/dinner support your community and appreciate the Earth’s wonderful produce!
  • Go for a walk, appreciate your surroundings, and pick up any litter you see!


  • Switch off! You might have missed WWF’s Earth Hour, yet you can still power down, spend the day outside, reading, kitting, gardening (okay, these are my hobbies…but there’s plenty to do I’m sure!) and you could spend the night by candlelight (or go to bed early, I’m not one to judge!)
  • Cook from scratch and have a nice, relaxing sit down meal with friends, family or your cat! Say no to the processed, excessively wrapped microwave meals and YES to fresh!
  • If you aren’t already…why not spend the day eating vegetarian or vegan dishes! Livestock is the greatest contributor to CO2, so skipping a meaty meal can do wonders for your carbon footprint. And, hey, why not try it for a week…or a month…or forever? Vegan is the kindest way to eat, and super healthy! (No? Okay, as long as your reason isn’t bacon!)
  • Have a spring clean out at home and donate to local charity shops
  • Do some gardening


  • Support local busnisses!
  • Buy organic
  • Be careful of excessively wrapped products
  • Go on a charity shop haul!
  • …or simply don’t go shopping at all!

But the best tip of all: remember that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!

mother-earth-day-background-with-hand-drawn-girl-and-decorative-flowers_23-2147607177 (2).jpg


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