Grow your own

Currently I do not have a garden, nor much space for growing herbs and veg however in June I am moving into my new house and I finally have a garden (after two years at uni!).

Growing your own is great on so many levels:

  • Organic, you don’t have to use chemicals
  • Cheaper, you can reduce the amount you buy
  • Fresher, many crops are cut-and-come-again so you can pick just before you start cooking
  • Good for your health: nutritionally, mentally and physically
  • Reduced waste, no more plastic wrapped produce!
  • Family fun, it’s a great way to get kids outside and involved with their food
  • Environmentally friendly, hello veganism!
  • It’s also a great way to upcycle old plastic tubs, pots and cartons
  • Tasty, due to it’s freshness and also because you can choose seed varieties you enjoy over ‘supermarket perfection’ varieties, which are bred for appearence over taste and often contain lower levels of sugar and antioxidants

p.s. I will be doing a post about using upcycled waste to create pots and even cloches for your home and garden plants!


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