Exercise your eco-friendliness

An obvious one is swapping you car for your legs, a bicycle or a bus! Car shares are also great in situations when other methods are to complicated.

A slightly more abstract idea of watse, but CO2 is a watse product of our lives from breathing and deforestation, to production and transport. One way to combat this is to stop buying fossils fuels to power your car, obviously I’m not saying don’t drive at all – as a student that can’t drive being limited to buses, bikes and trains can be incredibly frustrating – but take a moment to think: Do I really need to drive to my destination?

Another benefit is your health, the NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate excercise a week, which boils down to a mere 20 minutes a day!

As a student who hasn’t yet had the chance to learn to drive, I have gotten used to walking, cycling and bussing my way around and living in Wales means I have plenty of hills to scale, not to mention I live on the 6th floor in my house (that’s 50 steps, if you’re wondering haha). So I have certainly managed to stay quite fit even if I don’t have lots of spare time to exercise!

p.s. I also follow a vegan diet, and will definitely be doing a post on this in the near future!


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