Get creative!

When you go to buy something why not take a moment to think…can I make this?

Have a dig through your recyclabes and any crafts you have, you’d be surprised what you can come up with!

It not only reduces your waste and saves the environment but also your money. An all round winner!

Some things I have made include:

IMAG2345 (2)
A necklace organiser. Driftwood and string that I found on the beach. No waste!
IMAG2346 (2)
A piece of wood I found at the beach. Materials included paint.
IMAG2347 (2)
Underwear organiser. I used a cereal box and some toilet roll tubes with glue. The only waste was the front of the box!
IMAG2348 (2)
Makeup organiser. Made from a kleenex box, and some craft string. Waste: the craft string was my flatmates so only the ends of the string and the top of the box.
A bowl made from recycled magazine pages! No waste I just used Mod Podge sealent glue.

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